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Company Description

Maralo, LLC, including its affiliated entities, has been active in all parts of the oil and gas industry since 1940 as an operator, non-operator, and mineral owner.  While managing and leasing its current inventory of minerals across the United States, Maralo continues to expand its footprint through the acquisition of royalties, minerals, and other various properties.

RalphLoweRalph Lowe

Born in Lewis County, Missouri, Ralph F. Lowe went on to attend Westminster College in the city of Fulton, Missouri. After brief stops in Wyoming, Kansas and Oklahoma, Ralph Lowe eventually settled in Midland, Texas in 1932, where he would successfully open and operate a Texaco service station located on the corner of Wall and Colorado Street.

During the late 1930’s, through relationships formed while working at Texaco, Ralph Lowe ventured into the oil exploration business. Using a contract cable tool rig, he completed his first oil well in June 1940 named the #1 Seth Campbell. By 1943 he had drilled over 25 oil wells along the Colby Sand Trend of Winkler County. From 1943 through 1962 Ralph Lowe developed properties in such fields as the Fullerton Field, Midland Farms Area, Welch Field of Dawson County, Texas, Deep Rock Area of Andrews County, Texas, Coyanosa Field, Pecos County, Texas, Cooper-Jal Area of Lea County, New Mexico, Denton and Gladiola Fields of Lea County, New Mexico, and Indian Basin Upper Penn Gas Field of Eddy County, New Mexico.

From 1940 until his death in 1965, Ralph Lowe participated in over 500 wells in Texas, Oklahoma, Louisiana, and New Mexico. In 1973 Ralph F. Lowe was elected to The Petroleum Museum Hall of Fame.