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Lowe Royalty Partners, LP, is actively seeking acquisitions of fee minerals, overriding royalty interests, and certain mineral classified surface tracts.  Lowe Royalty Partners strives to ensure a pleasant and prompt negotiation process resulting in a fair price and structure that benefits both parties.  Lowe Royalty is happy to evaluate opportunities from sellers of all types (from individuals and trusts to private and public corporations).  Lowe Royalty desires properties that meet the following criteria:

  • $1,500,000.00 minimum size, some exceptions considered;
  • Production history and support of future incomes (for producing properties and ORRIs)
  • Mineral interests should contain all executive rights
  • NPRI’s will be considered as part of a total package.

If you have a property that you would like to discuss with Lowe Royalty, please use the inquiry form to send us your contact information and property/deal description.

Land and Leasing:

Lowe Royalty Partners, LP actively manages its 55,000+ net acres of mineral leasehold spanning across the United States.  All open minerals are available for lease to third parties active in our areas of ownership.

Lowe Royalty’s staff is committed to negotiating fairly, promptly, and flexibly resulting in lasting relationships with our partners.

If you are interested in leasing minerals owned by Lowe Royalty Partners or have a general inquiry on a property, please contact our Austin office.

  • West Texas
  • SE New Mexico
  • NW New Mexico
  • N Texas & Oklahoma
  • Rockies